Stand for immigrant and labor rights!

Governor Walker is attacking our civil rights as a Latino and immigrant community.  Walker’s budget eliminates  in-state tuition rates for undocumented students who want to pursue higher education.  If the budget passes, tuition costs for undocumented students would go up 10X at a technical college from $150/credit to $1,500/credit.  For the university, it would double from $9,000/year to around $23,000/year.

In addition, the budget would deny access to health care for legal immigrant families who receive Badger Care, Senior Care, Family Care, and food stamps.  It would also deny access to prenatal care for undocumented pregnant women, endangering the life of the mother and child.

Massive cuts to public education, health care and government services will impact ALL working class families in Wisconsin.  Walker’s plan also eliminates the rights of public employees, such as teachers, from organizing in the workplace. We must mobilize NOW on a mass scale to push back against Walker’s assault on our civil and labor rights; for our children, our families, and our community.  Join the WNPJ work group on immigrant rights - and get