WNPJ puts immigrant rights in the paper!!

WNPJ's Immigrant Rights workgroup recently lauched a Writers Bureau, to address how the system is broken, why people migrate, the positive contributions of immigrants and history of immigration in our state, and other issues. Recently, two WNPJ members active with the Writers Bureau had their letters to editor concerning immigration issues published:

One published in Wisconsin State Journal, focusing on Memorial High School's "immigration/migration project", which calls immigrant and family history to the attention of the young generation. Click here for more details. (By Karma Chavez, new WNPJ member)
The other published in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, with sharp queries about state Rep. Don Pridemore's proposed Arizona-like anti-immigrant bill. Click here for more details. (By Diane Farsetta, Executive director of WNPJ)

Are you willing to write letters to the editor? Please inform people of the immigration issues and news coverage in your area! You will make a difference! Please contact: stefania@wnpj.org or call WNPJ at 608 250 9240.