WNPJ state candidate survey: Candidate comments

The Wisconsin Network for Peace and Justice (WNPJ), a coalition of 173 member organizations from across the state, conducted its first-ever candidate survey this year. The survey's five questions reflect WNPJ member groups' state policy priorities. WNPJ is a non-partisan, non-profit organization and does not endorse candidates.

Listed below are the additional comments that some candidates provided, in response to our survey. The number next to each comment corresponds to the survey question. The survey questions, and candidates' responses to them, can be read by clicking here: Questions and responses. Candidates' comments are provided here verbatim from their returned surveys.


Terry Virgil

3.  The federal government has violated the 10th amendment of the constitution of the United States of America. The federal government must stay out of this state.

5.  We need our troops here in the state of Wisconsin. The war is over. I see something that will happen in the next year or two where we need our Guard in order to keep the peace and order.


Brad Sponholz

1.  Waste handling is important, generally the PSC has done things that are economic (nonsense).

2.  The playing field should be made level.

4.  Not as outlined above.  If still serving a sentence either through parole or other means then no.

5.  We need to have the ability to hold the federal government accountable.


Ramona Rivas

1.  I am a believer of solar, wind & Bio-fuel. So we can have in the future 0 nuclear plants.

3.  If there is to be an limited drivers licenses, let it be for a time limited for work or shopping.


Ieshuh Griffin

1.  Would like to see strict protection for ensuring the safety of the people, health, and so forth.

2.  Everyone should be subjected to indentity and criminal background checks when purchasing a firearm.

(Added at the end of the survey:)  Where are the specific concerns of the residents of the 10th District?!!?


Steve Kraeger

1.  We need Yucca Mtn. to be operational and we need a fast track permitting process like France for carbon copy nuke plants. I do support our current coal plants.

2.  I support police. Felons get 2nd hand guns in the black market.

3.  I don't like to help illegals do anything.

4.  I don't want criminals on parole voting for judges.

5.  We are the United States, not individual militaries.


Sandy Pasch

5.  I would need to study this issue in greater detail, but it sounds like something I could support. 


Paul Pedersen

2.  I favor closing the gun show loophole. I don't believe it's rational to regulate private sales.

3.  I do not favor extending identification to those here illegally.

5.  I don't favor giving state governors this kind of authority.


Leroy L. Watson

2.  Criminals will sell guns anyway. You have to catch them. If this was law, I would not be able to give a gun to my children.

3.  If they are here legally, they should be able to get one for the time they are here with the proper papers.

4.  If they have finished their sentence, they should be given all their rights back not just one.

5.  Federal government has the power to deploy them overseas. The National Guard is not the militia. Amendment two, to the Constitution.

Doug A. Harrod

1.  I grew up with nuclear power in my backyard so to speak-commonwealth Edison Dresden Morris, IL.  We are a mess as a nation for not developing technology to deal with spent fuel!!

2.  I am a gun owner and believe people should be able to purchase firearms but regulation and registration is not a problem for me.

3.  Undecided - We really need to address the issue of immigration and get a clear, workable law passed on a national level.

4.  Support? Does this mean after probation, parole, or extended supervision? If so-support.

5.  Support? I support this but by what method or means would it be considered "unlawful."


Paul G. Czisny

5.  Undecided. While such an idea has some merit, the U.S. Constitution clerly makes the President Commander-in-Chief of U.S. armed forces.  Accordingly, such a law would almost certainly be deemed unconstitutional by federal coursts.  As a legislator, I would support "sense of the legislature" resolutions condemning deployments such as those executed by the Bush Administration in Iraq.  Our governor and legislature should authorize and vigorously litigate challenges to the legality of such deployments in federal courts. 


George Meyers

2.  Such a law would make gun transfer between friends and relatives subject to government intervention and would not stop criminals from getting guns.

4.  It's about time.

5.  State sovereignty is good.

Daane Hoffman

1.  Nuclear power is the obvious answer for a sustainable and clean energy source.

2.  We need harsher punishments for violent gun crimes, not more regulations on gun ownership.

3.  Issuing a driver's liscense of any form to an undocumented immigrant only shows Wisconsin is willing to abet illegal immigration.

4.  Probation, parole, and extended supervision are still part of the rehabilitation process. This process needs to be fully completed before voting rights should be restored.

5.  I think this should be an option available to all States who offer their men and women for military service.


Janet Bewley

5.  It would be helpful to understand if a governor can defy an Executive Order, should that even occur. But I wonder if any governor would dare deny federal orders for deployment.


Fred Wade

1.  Undecided. I would probably support maintaining the current law if the proposal is made in a stand-alone bill, because there is no realistic prospect that a federal waste repository will either be established, or be safe for the long term. It is clear that the Yucca Mountain site in Nevada will not be safe for as long as would be necessary. I also believe that the Public Service Commission should be required to find that it makes economic sense for state ratepayers before any new nuclear power reactor is built in Wisconsin, and am aware that such projects have often been disasters for the ratepayers, notably in Shoreham, Long Island, in the State of New York.

I have listed myself as undecided, however, because a proposal to relax the current law was a part of the Clean Energy Jobs Act that was considered in the last Legisature. I support enactment of the Clean Energy Jobs Act, because it would stimulate the development of renewable energy sources and promote conservation, which would help to reduce our use of foreign oil and mitigate the State's contribution to global warming. At this point, I do not know why the proposal to relax the current law was included in the Clean Energy Jobs Act. I would want to know more about why it was included in the bill if I am elected to the Legislature, and whether the remainder of the bill might be passed without changing the current law on nuclear power reactors.

2.  I believe all prospective gun purchasers should be required to show identification and undergo a criminal background check.

3.  I would support legislation that would permit the issuance of a driver's card that would serve as a limited purpose driver's license for undocumented and legal immigrants who have cases pending with the Immigration and Naturalization Service.

4.  I think it would make sense to restore the right to vote immediately upon release from incarceration.

5.  I believe there should be a process for gubernatorial review of deployment orders for the Wisconsin National Guard to assure that they are lawful.


Ben Manski

1.  I have a long history of opposition to the nuclear industrial complex, including civil disobedience and organizing against the Hanford facility on the Columbia River, and against the Prairie Island facility on the Mississippi. Last year, I organized a conference, FutureCities2009.org, which focused on using local government to move our economy to a post-carbon, post-nuclear future.

2.  I understand the 2nd Amendment as a check on federal military power, not as an unregulated personal right to any and all weaponry, regardless of violent criminal history. The federal government, states, and municipalities must exercise their authority to regulate gun ownership and use. I strongly oppose the use of preemption jurisprudence to shut down local laws regulating gun ownership and use.

3.  This is one key component of my overall immigrant rights platform. I am the only candidate in this race to actively campaign on immigrant rights, as evidenced by my website, campaign materials, and public statements.

4.  I support legislation bringing Wisconsin into parity with Vermont and Maine. I frankly do not understand why a person who is in prison for committing a crime should be prevented from voting in elections. Unless the crime involved election fraud, the punishment of voting rights deprivation bears no connection to the crime committed.

5.  I was the national coordinator of the Safeguard the Guard campaign in its first three years, and helped draft this bill. If elected, I will work tirelessly to secure its passage.


Jim Maas

1.  Whatever it takes to put more clean nukes online.

4.  About time!

5.  Absolutely!


Frank Rutherford

1.  A bill has already passed that takes the wording on having a facility for the waste AB346, one reason I am running.