LZ Lambeau: Welcome home or a glorification of war?

LZ Lambeau, planned for May 21-23 at Lambeau field in Green Bay and billed as a "welcome home" for Wisconsin's Vietnam veterans, has now attracted criticism from veterans who are concerned that the event could be used by the military to glorify war and recruit youth into the military. The event, whose name plays on the Vietnam-era term for a Landing Zone where helicopter-borne troops were brought into battle, is sponsored by Wisconsin Public Television and state veterans agencies and organizations. But Veterans for Peace has gotten a cold shoulder from event organizers, who prohibited the group's Memorial Mile - a display of more than 5,000 tombstones representing U.S. troops killed in Iraq and Afghanistan - from appearing at the event. VFP member Will Williams (left) says authorities

refused to issue a permit for the roadside installation because they want to keep out an anti-war message. “I think it’s gotten to the point that it’s a glorification of war,” says Williams. “That’s the gut feeling I have now.”

VFP member Paul McMahon thinks the focus of the event is misplaced, saying of Vietnam, “Nothing good came out of that war.” Rather than mounting a thank-you for a war that should never have happened, McMahon wants a focus on those being mobilized repeatedly for war today. “The people who have just gone and gone and gone to Afghanistan and Iraq — that’s just wrong,” he says.

VFP members are also concerned that a planned flyover by military aircraft and a display of military vehicles in use in Iraq and Afghanistan but not in Vietnam has less to do with recalling history than with attracting impressionable youth who may be considering a job with the military. Read more about the controversy here...