wage theft


The Workers Rights Center and the Interfaith Coalition for Worker Justice, in cooperation with other groups around the country, have launched a national campaign against wage theft.  Wage theft is a national problem.

A recent study found that an average $51 a week are stolen from low wage workers in New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles.  Annually, a million workers are victims of partial or full wage theft.   See  “Broken Laws, Unprotected Workers” report.

For more info, see www.wagetheft.org, or contact the Workers Rights Center at 608 255 0376.



El Centro de Derechos Laborales y el Comite de Justicia Laboral Inter-religiosa junto con grupos afiliados a lo largo del pais estan lanzando una Campana Nacional de Robo de Salarios para hacer publica esta injusticia.  

El robo de salario es un problema generalizado en todo el pais.  Una encuesta reciente encontro’ que se le roba un promedio de $51 dolares a la semana a los trabajadores de bajo salario en las ciudades de Nueva York, Chicago y Los Angeles.*  El pago parcial o el no pago del salario a los trabajadores afecta a milliones de trabajadores cada ano, obligando a muchos a legir entre pagar la renta y darle de comer a sus familias.   Aprende mas – visita www.wagetheft.org .

* Broken Laws, Unprotected Workers reportaje



from  JUSTICE NOW! JUSTICIA AHORA!  Workers' Rights Center News  February 2010
  • National Wage Theft Campaign.  The Interfaith Worker Justice Worker Center Network is engaged in a national campaign to transform the Department of Labor and put the teeth back into the Fair Labor Standards Act that is meant to protect the most vulnerable workers in our society.  The network is working with our allies in Congress to move legislation that will dramatically transform the DOL and return the agency to its role as a defender of basic workplace standards.  The recent confirmation of Patricia Smith as DOL solicitor is a positive step in the effort to build a more responsive agency.
  • Wage Theft at the Palis Cafe.  The Department of Workforce Development has found on behalf of the workers at the Palis Cafe here in Madison.  The investigator rejected the employer's claim that he promised a lower wage rate, castigated the employer for poor and non-existent recordkeeping and ordered that the employer pay the workers the money they are owed.  The workers are preparing to go to small claims court to demand double lost wages plus attorney's fees if the owner does not pay promptly.