2009/09/02:State of Hawaii will not release ASVAB scores to recruiters, reminds students and parents to complete opt-out forms

Hawaii's public schools will no longer give student contact information and test scores on the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery to recruiters unless students go to a recruiting station off campus and sign a form expressly requesting the information be given. (Partly in response to this case)

"There were cases that came to our attention, and we started investigating and came up with a consistent statewide procedure to protect student privacy," said Helen Uyehara, information specialist in the Department of Education's Information Resource Management Branch. "No information through ASVAB will go to the recruiter."

In the past, the decision was left to the schools, and most of them automatically released student information and scores to military recruiters, which was the default option if no preference was indicated. Such information included a student's phone number, address, Social Security number and career interests. 


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