No Nukes Wisconsin



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Members of a coalition working to keep the door closed on new nuclear power reactors in Wisconsin, while pressing for a carbon free, nuclear free state energy policy, have kept a steady stream of information flowing in the state's news media. Commentary from coalition partners and others:

Diane Farsetta op ed: Remove nuclear provisions from Clean Energy Jobs Act

Al Gedicks op ed column in Green Bay Press Gazette: Nuclear power is a false solution to climate change.

Peter Bradford op ed column: Massive nuclear subsidies won't solve climate change.

Milwaukee County Democrats pass Carbon Free Nuclear Free resolution

Clean Wisconsin: Wisconsin: The Next Yucca Mountain?

Here we go again: Pro-nuclear legislators push to repeal 'moratorium'

Letter from WNPJ member Lee Brown: State Journal stance on nuclear energy wrong, but predictable

Frank Von Hippel, a physicist, professor of public and international affairs at Princeton University and co-chair of the International Panel on Fissile Materials, in The Capital Times: Reprocessing nuclear fuel a dangerous option

Al Gedicks of Wisconsin Resource Protection Council, in the La Crosse Tribune:Nuclear energy option is neither safe nor affordable

Jim Draeger of Peace Action-Wisconsin in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Nuclear power: The fool's choice

WNPJ Co-chair Bill Christofferson in Milwaukee's Shepherd Express: Battle looms over relaxing nuclear regulations.

Christofferson in the Appleton Post Crescent: Nuclear power not as green, safe or cheap as supporters say

Letter from WNPJ co-chairs to governor and legislature:  Don't relax nuclear plant rules. News release.

Coalition of 12 public interest groups urges governor and legislature to oppose nuclear power. Letter.

A Wis. Public Interest Research Group (WISPIRG) Report: The High Cost of Nuclear Power

An op ed: Don't ignore two big drawbacks to nuke power by Pam Kleiss, Physicians for Social Responsibility

An op ed by WISPIRG's Bruce Speight: Nuclear power is too costly.

An op ed: Nuclear power still doesn't make sense by WNPJ co-chair Bill Christofferson

Download a free book:  Carbon-Free and Nuclear-Free: A Roadmap for U.S. Energy Policy

Sierra Club's Shahla Werner op-ed: Nuclear energy too risky when efficiency works

Green Bay Press Gazette: Climate crisis will not be solved by nuclear power By Bill Christofferson

Xoff Blog:   Nuclear industry targeting Wisconsin.

PR Watch:The campaign to repeal the nuclear moratorium

John LaForge (of Nukewatch) column: The toll of Three Mile Island 

Op ed column by Al Gedicks of Wisconsin Resources Protection Council,  Nuclear myths are challenged. 

Video:   A debate on nuclear power