Trial of Blackwater (Xe) 22

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Six minute youtube video of Jeremy Scahill's address the Stop
Blackwater Conference and CW Resistance Retreat  - "a call to direct

What: "Choice of plea" appearance by Blackwater 22
Date: Wednesday, June 24
Time: 10 a.m.
Place: Jo Daviees County Court House, 330 N Bench St., Galena, IL 61036

On June 24th at 10 a.m. in the Jo Daviees County Court House in Galena
there will not be a trial as previously announced and posted. But
there will be what the court calls "a choice of plea" appearance where
all 22 Balckwater defendants will appear with their attorney Edward
Osowski to plea guilty or not guilty.

Those who plead guilty will be allowed to make a statement and be sentenced.

For those who plead innocent, a bench trial date will be set.

Blackwater 22 link on DMCW web page:

Slide Show of each of the Blackwater 22 getting arrested:

The 22 defendents are:
Eric Anglada, LaMotte, IA, 29 yrs old - New Hope CW Farm
Ed Bloomer, Des Moines CW, 61 yrs old
Kenny Bishop, Champaign CW, 24 yrs old
Frank Cordaro, Des Moines CW, 58 yrs old
Tyler Chen, Champaign CW, 24 yrs old
Elton Davis, Des Moines IA, 47 yrs old - former DMCW
Chris Gaunt, Grinnell, IA, 52 yrs old
Carolyn Griffeth, St Louis CW, 36 yrs old
Lee Jankowski, Dubuque, IA CW, 50 yrs old
Benjamin Johnson, Dubuque CW, 25 yrs old
Chrissy Kirchhoefer, St Louis CW, 31 yrs old
Becky Lambert, Winona CW, 25 yrs old
Mike Leutgeb Munson, Rockford MN, 26 yrs old - former Winona CW
Mary Moody, LaMotte, IA, 44 yrs old - New Hope CW Farm
Laurel Nobilette, Champaign CW, 22 yrs old
Nick Pickrell, Kansas City CW, 27 yrs old
Mona Shaw, Des Moines CW, 57 yrs old
Don Thurstin-Timmerman, Park Falls WI, 67 yrs old - former Milwaukee CW
Roberta Thurstin-Timmerman, Park Falls WI, 65 yrs old - former Milwaukee CW
Michael Walli, Duluth CW, 60 yrs old
Chris Watson, Champaign CW, 22 yrs old
Fred Turk, Rock Falls, IL, 71 yrs old

Jeremy Scahill interview on Bill Moyers Journal, June 5, 2009

On JUNE 24th 10 am Jo Daviess County Courthouse in Galena Illinois
The 22 activists arrested on April 27th during the moral bankruptcy foreclosure at the northwest Illinois Blackwater training facility will be making their pleas in court on the 24th of June. Please plan to attend and show your support.
Those who plead guilty will be allowed to make a statement and be sentenced. Many will use this as an opportunity to make a statement of conscience regarding Blackwater's history of lawlessness and the use of mercenaries by our government in our names.
Please plan to attend and stand in solidarity with our brave friends who took a strong stand against the war profiteering that we all oppose.
And if can't attend use this date to call your local U.S. representative and ask them to support Rep. Schkowski's S.O.S. bill, Stop Outsourcing Security Act that calls for a five year phase out of our dependency on private military and security companies.
Please spread this call to others on your lists.
Thank You,
Dan Kenney
co-coordinator of