2009/05/25:Capital Times: State Journal stance on nuclear energy wrong, but predictable - Lee Brown

State Journal stance on nuclear energy wrong, but predictable
The Capital Times
5/25/2009 7:04 am

Dear Editor:

The editorial in the May 21 Wisconsin State Journal, "Open door to more nuclear energy," contradicts evidence WSJ had provided us earlier.

In the March 29 issue of Parade, which accompanies the Sunday edition of the Wisconsin State Journal, "The Growing Problem of Nuclear Waste" reported how after spending $9 billion on the failed Yucca Mountain project no long-term storage place for nuclear waste exists. Nuclear waste must be stored in steel and concrete cylinders near the reactors.

On May 3, the WSJ reported in "Reactor Reaction" that the "cost of building nuclear plants -- not fears -- is causing delays." The $6 billion cost to build a nuclear reactor in Missouri resulted in putting that project on hold.

There are better ways to power homes.

Even though the arguments against nuclear power win any logical debate, the University of Wisconsin-Madison continues to apply for grants to study new nuclear energy technology. On May 9, the WSJ reported that the U.S. Department of Energy has given $5 million to fund 10 UW proposals to conduct experimental studies of nuclear materials.

Therefore, readers should expect to see WSJ editorials cheering on the discredited nuclear power industry.

Lee Brown, Madison