Peace Walks for Ukraine and the World - Madison Aug 19 and 26

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Peace Walks for Ukraine and the World

Here are two Peace Walks in August with special speakers.  Details below and updates are posted here


Friday, Aug 19 at 6 pm - Special speaker Zubeir Haroun  

Friday, Aug 26 at 6 pm - Special speaker Lisa Masri


On August 19, we are so very pleased that Zubeir Haroun will give a talk about Libya.   Zubeir was born in Tripoli, Libya and lived there until 2007.  He will explain the situation in Libya after the so-called Arab spring, a rare event in which Libyans could have had a chance for prosperity but instead it slipped into a nightmare and chaos.  He’ll talk about the negative role of NATO, and how the US could have helped better.  He’ll present a brief history of Libya, the formation of Libya, and how we got here.   Zubeir recently moved with his family to Madison and they have participated in Madison Peace Walks. 

We're delighted to welcome Lisa Masri to speak at the Peace Walk on July 22.  Lisa and her family recently moved to Madison, and she's participated in the Peace Walks for Ukraine and the World.  Before coming here, she lived in Palestine for 14 years, doing education and nonviolent accompaniment work with Project Hope and the Ecumenical Accompaniment Project.  Her peace work there in the West Bank was with youth, adults, and international volunteers, and included being an international presence in hot spots, and teaching English, French, drama, and circus arts.  Lisa will share about her work and answer your questions.


Janet Parker
Madison Peace Walks are a weekly event!  War is Never the Answer.  Details here on the Safe Skies website.
“What we need is not escalation of conflict with more weapons, more sanctions, more hatred toward Russia and China, but of course, instead of that, we need comprehensive peace talks.”  -- Kyiv-based Ukrainian peace activist Yurii Sheliazhenko (more here from Yurii)