Kick-off for the 'Your Democracy Needs You! Tour' - Madison June 23

Event Dates: 

Your Democracy Needs You! Tour: - June 23 - Sep 24, 2022 (Maybe Longer) 


This project will be the heart of Building Unity’s late summer efforts and will provide an opportunity for groups all over Wisconsin to share their great work as part of a traveling exhibit that will help to inspire and motivate voters, as well as build a strong united statewide movement with hope for peace, justice, sustainability, and DEMOCRACY. 


The Building Unity “UnityMobile” will visit over 30 communities across WI. In addition to doing voter activation and registration work, we will share our “This Is What Democracy Looks Like” traveling exhibit of artwork, photographs, videos, and films. We will also add to the exhibit at each stop as we record in-person interviews with the people we meet. 

Some of the essential points about the tour:
It will launch from our State Capital on June 23rd and will be led by the UnityMobile - a 34’ motorhome that serves as a mobile billboard and traveling symbol of our statewide united movement for peace, justice, sustainability, and democracy. It will be on the road for over three months, visiting over 30 communities with over 20 tour stop pro-democracy and justice events.
At each tour stop event we will share our mixed media art exhibit spotlighting examples of real life grassroots democratic action.
We will be “Sounding the Alarm!” and calling for powerful actions that will address the climate emergency and move our society towards all of the following:
  • the meeting of all basic human needs - healthcare, education, housing, nutrition, etc… for all.
  • compassionate, trauma-informed, restorative justice, and the abolition of the cruel, violent, and punitive practices that are all too common within our current criminal justice system. 
  • strong worker justice, including living wages and the right to collectively bargain for all workers,
  • equal protections under the law for all people (LGBTQIA+ people, immigrants, people of color, people with disabilities, etc…)
  • an end to gerrymandering, voter suppression, and the power of money in electoral politics,
  • Comprehensive reproductive rights, that are safe, affordable, free from discrimiation of any kind,
  • economic justice and fair taxation for all,
  • a pathway to citizenship for all immigrants,
  • Indigenous sovereignty and the honoring of treaties,
  • an end to all racial and gender disparities,
  • rational gun laws that increase public safety, and uphold 2nd Amendment rights,
  • decriminalizing drug use and the legalization, regulation, and taxation of marijuana (and the release of all incarcerated persons who are being incarcerated only for marijuana use or possession),
  • a substantial reduction in military spending and increased U.S. leadership in promoting peace and humanitarian efforts around the world. 
Because of the critical importance of addressing all of these issues, the Democracy Tour will help to raise awareness and inspire voting that is informed by these issues.
Beyond promoting voting and sharing information about the issues above, the “Democracy Tour '' will help bring people from all over Wisconsin together to strengthen our united movement for people, peace, and planet - a movement grounded in grassroots power and solidarity.
Building Unity
Tim at 608-630-3633 or Charlie at 608-213-6063.