VFP #25 & Safe Skies - at the Madison Farmers Market on the Square Apr 23

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Join the opposition to greed, opposition to Lockheed profiteering.    From Safe Skies... and VFP #25. Supported by Interfaith Peace Working Group.
We will be at the Farmer's Market April 23 or Vets for Peace, most any Farmer's Market.  


Tax week of action! April 23 at the Dane County Farmer’s Market – Safe Skies Clean Water Wisconsin

Global Mobilization to #StopLockheedMartin – World BEYOND War  

War profiteer profile: Lockheed Martin | War Resisters' International  

"Lockheed Martin is the world's biggest arms manufacturer, and world's biggest exporter of arms. To give a scale of the Lockheed Martin’s scale and finances, in just one month (December 2020) Lockheed won 32 procurement contracts with a combined value of $4.8bn, with 90% of those contracts coming from the US military. Lockheed's headquarters are in the USA but it has subsidiaries and partners all over the world. The company employs over 126,000 people worldwide and builds everything from ballistic missiles to combat ships, robots to satellites, radars to aircraft, and other products and services..."

Brad Geyer

Veterans for Peace Madison

Clarence Kailin, Chapter 25  



Safe Skies Clean Water Wisconsin 

Safe Skies Clean Water Wisconsin – No F-35s at Truax