WI Democracy Campaign’s annual celebration - (live and remote) May 19

Event Dates: 

WI Democracy Campaign’s  annual celebration, Thursday, May 19, at Lussier Family Heritage Center, 3101 Lake Farm Road, south of South Towne in rural Madison. (You also have the option to attend remotely via Zoom.)

Summary of the event:

We had a great time at the annual meeting and celebration of the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign, which was held at the Lussier Family Heritage Center.

            About 60 people joined us in person, and about 20 joined by Zoom.

            After a profound historical acknowledgment of the Ho Chunk land that we were standing on by our president, Abby Swetz, I gave a little talk about the anti-democracy movement that we’re facing here in Wisconsin and nationwide – and how we can defeat it.

WDC annual meeting speakers Mel Barnes and Carlene Bechen            Then my colleague Cely Flores did a wonderful job moderating a terrific panel with Carlene Bechen of the Wisconsin Fair Maps Coalition and Mel Barnes of Law Forward.

            Both Carlene and Mel saluted the powerful mass movement for fair maps in Wisconsin. And as Mel said, “We’re not done! We know we need to keep fighting.”

            Carlene added: “The people who are in this movement are committed. They don’t walk away.”

            Mel noted that next spring there will be an election for an open seat at the Wisconsin Supreme Court (Justice Roggensack is retiring) and she suggested that if there’s a progressive justice elected, it might be possible to bring up another challenge to the rigged maps.

            She also expressed hope about the lawsuit Law Forward just filed this week against the false electors in Wisconsin.

            “We do have opportunities to win,” she said.

            And all of us remarked on how well we’re all working together in the pro-democracy movement here in Wisconsin.

            Carlene ended the panel by reading from a powerful poem by Amanda Gorman entitled “In This Place.” Here’s a passage:

            There’s a poem in this place—
            a poem in America

            a poet in every American
            who rewrites this nation…

            Many, many thanks to my colleague Beverly Speer and Cely Flores for taking care of all the details of this event so well! If you were unable to attend, you can view the recording to the panel presentation here:  https://bit.ly/WDCAnnualGathering2022

            Meanwhile, here’s the piece I wrote about Law Forward’s lawsuit:
            Wisconsin False Electors on the Hot Seat

            I also wrote a piece about another bad campaign finance decision at the U.S. Supreme Court:

            Leave It to Ted Cruz and John Roberts to Worsen Campaign Finance Law

            And here’s what I wrote about the heinous racist mass murder in Buffalo:

            The Toll of White Nationalism
            Please share any of these offerings widely, and have a nice weekend!

Contact: Beverly Speer
Phone: 608-255-4260 
E-mail: wisdc@wisdc.org
Website:  www.wisdc.org