Thanksgiving message from a WNPJ member group....

From Wisconsin Faith Voices for Justice:  This Thanksgiving, we are so grateful for all of you - for your passion and commitment to justice, for your advocacy, for your engagement in building community with people of other faiths and no faith, and for your ongoing support of our work!

As we look forward to our feast tomorrow, hopefully in the company of (vaccinated) family and friends, let us remember that this day is not universally held as a day of celebration.  The Wampanoag nation, central to the mythology of the first Thanksgiving, declared this day a "day of mourning'.  It is important that we learn and talk about the true history of the interactions between the Europeans who colonized this land and the indigenous people whose land was stolen.  Check out these resources to learn more about the true history of Thanksgiving, and the ongoing impact of colonization on native peoples:

9 Myths About Thanksgiving That Are Actually Problematic — And The Facts Behind Them

The Myths of the Thanksgiving Story and the Lasting Damage They Imbue

Beyond the myths, Thanksgiving and Hanukkah share stories of resistance

Have a happy, and peaceful, Thanksgiving!


Rabbi Bonnie Margulis
Executive Director
Wisconsin Faith Voices for Justice