Help for Afghan Refugees - Call for WI Volunteers

The following request came to WFVJ through our friends at the Wisconsin Council of Churches.  Please respond to if you are able to help out. We need volunteers who would make a commitment of volunteering regularly; either volunteering once a week for a set time (for example, every Tuesday for 8 weeks) or people who would like to go up to Ft. McCoy and stay for a week (there is housing on base available).

Volunteer needs require high energy, working in centers with people (especially children). We were told "camp counselor types." There is a huge need for female volunteers and educators. 

The volunteers will have to be 18+, pass a background check, and be given a base pass before they can begin. The Wisconsin Council of Churches will help with this process.

Once these pieces are in place, Wisconsin Council of Churches will connect you with Catholic Charities – the organization on the ground at Ft. McCoy.  We hope to recruit five volunteers initially, with the hope that the pool of volunteers will grow as infrastructure is put into place.

Thank you all for considering this request!

Rabbi Bonnie Margulis
Executive Director
Wisconsin Faith Voices for Justice