Send your Senator a message of peace!

U.S.’ Military Budget                                         $780 billion

China’s Military Budget                                     $252 billion

Russia’s Military Budget                                    $  61 Billion

2022 Cost of Build Back Better Act                 $175 billion

The Senate will be acting soon on the proposed 2022 military budget. The Interfaith Peace Working Group is asking people of faith in Wisconsin to be Peacemakers by urging Senators Baldwin and Johnson to vote against this enormous military expenditure and to vote for the Build Back Better Act. This Act will make our economy fairer, make life better for the middle and lower classes and address the global threat of climate change. 

Contact Ron Johnson and Tammy Baldwin here: 

Senator Ron Johnson
(202) 224-5323
328 Hart Senate Office Building
Washington DC 20510
Email here

Senator Tammy Baldwin
(202) 224-5653
709 Hart Senate Office Building
Washington DC 20510
Email here



*Interfaith Peace Working Group
Address: 1433 Wildewood Drive, Madison, WI 53704
Phone: 608-514-2811