Thanks to all for your Action on F-35s Oct. 17th - and here's the reporting on the event!

You can read and see coverage of the October 17th protests in Madison to stop the F-35's! .....Protestors Say F35 Jets are climate crisis and racial justice issues!


Channel3000....'People Don't Know What's Coming:' Community members protest F-35s Jet Opponents Not Backing Down, HOld Protest in MAdison



We came together for:

Racial Justice - the harm of this weapon system has and will continue to fall on brown and black people. This is true all over the world and it is true in the neighborhoods that are most impacted by military jet noise and pollution.

Climate Justice - the climate damage caused by these jets is astronomical. This is the most expensive weapon system of all time. The roughly $1.5 Trillion that it will cost us is enough money to dramatically move towards a more livable future. What are we doing to our children?

Economic Justice - The money spent on the F-35 could much better be spent meeting human needs and investing in the real threats to our safety on planet earth: Climate chaos, pandemic, poverty, resource and habitat depletion and shameful racial disparities.

Peace - The F-35s are designed to do one thing: make war, kill and destroy Earth. Designed to carry nuclear bombs, they are a moral abomination. They are a threat to all life and they should be stopped everywhere.

Health/Quality of life - If allowed to come to Madison, the F-35s will harm all of us with extremely high decibels of noise as well as tons of toxic air pollution that will rain down upon our land and water. This is especially true for the most vulnerable: developing fetuses in utero, children, and the poor who can't move from their proximity to the base. Over 1000 homes will be deemed “incompatible for living.” The health and quality of life for all of us will be diminished and our property values will reflect this fact.

Participatory Democracy - Despite years of overwhelming public outcry against the F-35s, the plan is to force this harm on the Madison area, just as was done in Vermont. Reversing this plan will show the world a powerful example of what is possible when people unite. Imagine that!

If this time of pandemic, massive political and social unrest, climate chaos and ecological upheaval and profound human suffering has taught us anything, it is that we must now pull together – for People, for Peace, and for our Planet.

While stopping the F-35 from coming to Madison is only one of many steps we must take, it is an important one, and one that can’t wait any longer.

Please help the growing number of Wisconsin groups (see list of supporters below) who are asking us to take these small but important actions. If we all take them, the outcome will be phenomenal!


Learn more about this issue by going to the Safe Skies Clean Water website.

Copy this email, modify it as you need to to make it your own, and send it to your people. If you are part of any groups, ask them to sign on as one of the Safe Skies Clean Water Coalition supporting groups by filling out this form:

Sign the Safe Skies Clean Water Petition:


Get a yard sign and post it wherever you can.

Send a postcard to Senator Tammy Baldwin asking her to reverse her support for basing the F-35 jets in Madison. Order postcards and share them with people all around Wisconsin by going here:



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