Report and video from Madison's Mobilization Against Militarism on Sept. 11th

On Sept. 11, Joyce and Joe Ellwanger of Milwaukee flew KITES, NOT DRONES prior to the Madison Rally!  Then, five activists, Duane Teschler, Brad Geyer, Bob Graf, Malachy Kilbride, and Joy First joined about 50 others in front of Senator Tammy Baldwin's office in Madison. Watch the 10-minute video of the Sept 11th event at

We had mailed her a letter with the four following demands,


• Lowering the 2022 spending from the 2021 present military budget of 740 billion dollars, over 60% of the total US discretionary budget. It is against our values when the Department of Defense gets more of our taxpayer dollars than all the other departments of our government, education, health, housing, State, etc. combined.


• Withdrawing your advocacy and support for the F-35 being based in Madison. This plane, a major polluter of the environment, air, water and noise, is considered by many military experts a “boondoggle”, too big to fail. Madison and Wisconsin residents have made it clear they do not want it.


• Stop supporting increased funding to the largest industrial polluter in the world, the US military. In a world on the brink of climate destruction, we must lessen our support for major polluters. War is nonsustainable and only leads to more wars with destruction to continue.


• Supporting more jobs in education, clean energy and health care over military jobs. We know that “1 billion in military spending creates approximately 11,200 jobs, compared with 26,700 in education,16,800 in clean energy, and 17,200 in health care.”



Since we did not get a satisfactory response, the five of us decided that we needed to follow our hearts and take action in a nonviolent direct action of resistance. We set up two tents on the sidewalk in front of Baldwin's office. This was a symbolic action letting it be clear that we are not going to leave her alone until she changes her ways and becomes our Senator working for peace. After several hours of camping out in front of her office, we took our tents down and are discussing next steps.


To watch the 10-minute video of today's Sept 11th event, go to



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