From Wisconsin Faith Voices for Justice: As people of faith, we are all deeply distressed at the human cost of the 20-years long war in Afghanistan, and the devastating impact of the US withdrawal over the last few weeks.  Many of us are wondering how we can help the influx of Afghan refugees who have been brought to Wisconsin andmay be settling here.

Much is still unknown.  Here are just a few ways right now to help.  As more information becomes clear and needs are more defined, we will let you know.

One way to help is to donate to national organizations that work to resettle refugees. One such organization is HIAS.  Click here to read about HIAS' efforts and how you can help.

In Madison, Jewish Social Services is the only agency resettling refugees.  The latest update from JSS is that they do not currently have information on whether they will be involved in resettling Afghan refugees. They ask us to keep checking their website and Facebook pages for updates.

Lutheran Social Services of Wisconsin is expecting an influx of refugees, particularly in Milwaukee, but they also do not have definitive information as of yet.  Please keep checking back with them as the situation unfolds.  

All of these organizations do amazing work, nationally and locally, with refugees from all over the world.  They are always in need of help, particularly financial help.  If you can donate to any of these organizations, your support will be life-saving!

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