Still Time to Add More Maps


There is still time to draw and submit your Community of Interest maps for fair electoral districts. We'll show you how to draw and submit your map(s) on the People's Maps Commission Portal.  Go now to .


We need people from around the state to tell their experiences regarding lack of fair maps. Almost 800 Communities of Interest maps have been submitted. Those that expressed why their area's voices needed to be heard are  especially helpful. We need more like that. Between now and early September it is critical to engage more voices making the case for fair maps in the form of maps to the People's Maps Commission. 

Now that Rep. Vos has announced that the Wisconsin Legislature is accepting maps from Wisconsinites Sept 1 to Oct 15th. So if you do one for the People's Maps Commission you will be all ready to pass that one on to the state site when it opens. 

If all of this seems like a bother, think of the people calling out for racial, economic and environmental justice. The 2020 census data shows a marked  increase of diversity in many parts of WI.  But these communities have often been the ones sliced and diced so their voice does not count. Disregarding our state Constitution’s requirement of respecting county lines has broken up many rural and urban communities.  Deep democracy calls for fair Assembly, State Senate and Congressional District maps for all communities.

Urban Examples Around Milwaukee County, where nearly 70 percent of the state’s Black population lives, gerrymandering was extreme and obvious. They cracked many Milwaukee County voters across 8 Assembly districts that stretch far into the predominantly white, conservative suburbs of neighboring counties. This was planned so one party would carry 7 of these 8 districts in 2018. 


Rural Examples Small rural counties with noticeable Latino and/or Native populations and high poverty rates have been left without fair maps. Even if kept whole in an Assembly District, small counties with similar populations were split into different State Senate Districts far from their neighboring counties. 

Mary Kay Baum and Dan Folkman are available to assist and also publicize your map story to inspire others. Call Mary Kay at 608-935-5834.  



To learn more about Gerrymandering in Wisconsin, see the August 2021 issue of In These Times magazine, The Fight to Undo Gerrymandering, by Katjusa Cisar.