Virtual Memorial Day Peace Rally - Madison May 31

Event Dates: 

The Clarence Kailin Chapter #25 of Veterans for Peace and The Progressive magazine present the

Annual [this year virtual] Memorial Day Peace Rally - Madison , Wisconsin


Monday,  May 31 - 1:00-2:00 pm CDT - live on Facebook at: Annual Memorial Day Peace Rally by VFP Madison & Progressive Magazine Online 

and YouTube []


With Guest Speakers the Reverend David Couper and Will Williams, introduced by David Giffey

-  plus one of this year’s high school essay awardees

With live music by Old Cool and others, poetry- and more


Concluding with the laying of carnations at the Spanish Civil War Veterans monument and bagpipes by Sean Michael Dargan.


Contact: Brad Geyer of VFP #25


Photo: Clarence Kailin at the Spanish Civil War Veterans monument in Madison WI - May, 2008


If you missed this event live, you can see it on YouTube here: Here is a link :





The National Vets for Peace office broadcast a strong anti-war message today - with a title that may offend some.

You can find the title and entire article here:

We are tired of parades, memorials and pageantry.

Take back your  “thank you for your service” and 50% off sales.

We want people to live without threats of U.S. bullets and bombs.

We remember the enormous loss of civilian life that is forgotten in today’s memorials and hidden from view in the U.S. consciousness. America has no space on its calendar to memorialize these victims.

We grieve the loss of friends and the death of veterans unable to forget the tragedies and forgive themselves.

We are ANGRY that there is a holiday that glorifies nationalism and patriotism and ignores the trauma that U.S. militarism enacts all over the globe.

We are filled with rage as we continue to watch the empty political platitudes from the two largest political parties praising soldiers and veterans as they continue to send them off to wars that line the pockets of the rich.

We are frustrated that mainstream media and popular culture glorifies U.S. militarism.

We are exhausted from nightmares of our participation and the images of ongoing trauma from a system of violence we once propped up.  We live with the wounds of our moral injuries, scabs that we can’t let heal for fear we’d recreate the injury.

On Memorial Day we don’t want to remember and we are afraid we will forget.


All we know for sure is...

.....war, what is it good for? Absolutely nothing!