W.A.V.E. Action Alert: Send a message to your legislators and Wisconsin's Joint Committee on Finance

Ask your legislators to keep gun violence prevention -- including gun-purchaser screenings, extreme risk protection orders (ERPO), and funding for community-level gun violence intervention and prevention programs (VIPP) -- in Wisconsin's biennial budget.

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WAVE is a WNPJ member group: Contact info: 414.351.9283
hrose@WAVEedFund.org     www.WAVEedFund.org


Items of interest in the Governor’s budget:

https://doa.wi.gov/budget/SBO/2021-23%20Budget%20in%20BLet rief.pdf  


-Provide $2 million GPR over the biennium for the creation of a violence interruption grant program.

-Provide an additional $4 million GPR in each year of the biennium to reimburse counties for eligible costs associated with providing services to crime victims and witnesses. 

-Require, with certain exceptions, that any firearm transfers be done through federally licensed firearm dealers with background checks conducted on recipients. 

-Create an extreme risk protection injunction procedure where a court, after a hearing, may order an individual to refrain from possessing a firearm if it finds by clear and convincing evidence that they are substantially likely to injure himself or herself or another by possessing a firearm. The Department of Justice would, in addition to checking for prohibitions under current law, check whether an applicant for a license to carry a concealed weapon is prohibited from possessing a firearm under an extreme risk protection injunction.

Also of interest:


-Improve the safety and effectiveness of crisis response in emergency situations by: (a) creating a $1.25 million GPR grant in each year for municipalities and counties to establish behavioral health and police collaboration programs to increase behavioral health professional involvement in emergency response situations; (b) providing $375,000 GPR in each year for additional crisis intervention trainings to local law enforcement; and (c) providing $850,000 GPR in each year to expand Milwaukee County's Crisis Mobile Team.