Demand Governor Evers Open Public Buildings for Shelter from Dangerous Weather

Right now, fellow Wisconsinites are trying to survive outside in these dangerous temperatures -- and the tragic reality is, some of them will not make it. The current mechanisms in place to manage homelessness are simply inadequate, but not for a lack of trying on the part of the many volunteers dedicated to the cause.

What we're dealing right now is an emergency. For several more days, at least, temperatures will remain dangerous for anyone outside for more than a few minutes and, in particular, for seniors, young children, and those in poor health -- and that is why dozens of organizations and others have come together to demand action from Governor Tony Evers, who has the power to declare a state of emergency, which would allow him to open public buildings for people to warm themselves and to sleep.

In 2019, during another cold weather emergency, Governor Evers stated "I want to make sure all state assets are available, including the Wisconsin National Guard if needed, to help communities across the state and keep people warm and safe". Given that the Governor had the will and ability to deploy the National Guard to respond to this issue just two years ago, we implore him to address the current emergency with the same fervor and also provide sleeping cots, blankets, hand warmers, masks, food, water, disinfecting cleaning supplies, and personnel to distribute these items and assist with social distancing. People with children or pets should not be turned away.

Join our letter campaign urging Governor Evers to act immediately. You may send the letter as is, or you may edit it to suit your needs.


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In solidarity,

Our Wisconsin Revolution

Sunrise Movement - Madison Hub

Socialist Alternative - Madison/Milwaukee

Allies for Black Lives

Reshaping Madison Together

First Unitarian Society - Madison Justice Ministry

Wisconsin Network for Peace and Justice

Charlie Ryan, Alder District 2, City of Verona

Progressive Democrats of America

UW Madison BIPOC Coalition

Heidi Wegleitner, Dane County Board, District 2

Black Umbrella Global

Madison-Rafah Sister City Project

DSA Madison

Tessa Echeverria, Candidate for Alderperson, Madison District 12

Elena Haasl, Dane County Board, District 5

Veterans for Peace Madison

Families for Justice - Dane County