Enbridge Line 3 RESISTANCE - Video interview with Paul DeMain

Building Unity’s Media Project interviews Paul DeMain, nationally known journalist and environmental activist. Paul brings us first hand news about Enbridge’s rush to lay a lot of pipe before 5 courts are scheduled to give Native Nations their days in Court in 35 to 40 days. As all of this is happening, indigenous and non-indigenous resisters pray, sing, and cause disruptions and delays for huge semi trucks of pipe. Enbridge brought 4,000 pipe laying workers in from all around the country.


True to his Ojibwa name – Skabewis – which means “Messenger,” Paul DeMain explains just why Enbridge is willing to risk pandemic spread, treaty violations, wetland destruction, climate disaster, and people’s lives to get Enbridge’s first flow of dirty oil running through the new pipes. He also notes that Enbridge has no plan to remove and clean up the existing corroded pipeline that is polluting the land and water. Watch and learn what you can do. 


0-Building Unity - Paul DeMain from Matthew Mixon on Vimeo.