Anti-Fascist Mutual Aid Action – Justice For Jacob Blake! in Madison Jan 18

Event Dates: 

Mon. Jan. 18th 11:00 am State Capitol – State St. Corner Anti-Fascist Mutual Aid Action – Justice For Jacob Blake!


Join community organizations such as Urban Triage, South Central Wisconsin Food Not Bombs and the Madison General Defense Committee of the IWW to express your opposition to the fascist presence in our local community and across the country. Last week the powers that be showed that they condone and reward cops when they shoot Black men by refusing to press charges against the cop that shot Jacob Blake seven times in the back as he walked away, while simultaneously showing that they are okay with a group of majority white male fascists attempting a coup at the US Capitol. They showed this by shaking hands with fascists, taking selfies with them and opening the barricades so that they can gain access to the capitol grounds. These events are related in that they exhibit a condoning of white supremacism by those in charge and highlight the fact that the police and military may not be able to, nor willing to, stop any coming right wing coup running up to Biden’s inauguration on Jan 20.


The mutual aid action will be in the form of a free meal, hot drinks, and warm clothing distribution. The action has been called to demonstrate the importance of showing up and making space for antifascist, anti racist, anti police violence organizing and building grassroots community political power. Mutual aid is an effective way to thwart any coming far right uprisings by forming a broad oppositional political base in the community, united in the commitment to provide for one another in times of need while not being reliant on existing institutions.


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