Solidarity Among Us: Grassroots Activism Summit a Building Unity Project

Event Dates: 

Solidarity Among Us: Grassroots Activism Summit

Sun, September 23, 2018
10:00 AM – 6:00 PM CDT
University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire
1190 Priory Road
Eau Claire, WI 54701


Coinciding with the WGN's Eau Claire Grassroots Festival on Saturday, September 22nd the Gaia Coalition Network and Building Unity have decided to partner with WGN to host a major Activist Summit entitled "Solidarity Among Us." We collectively regoznize a dire need for the creation of a statewide coalition effort to promote and maintain a sustainable network for communication and collaboration within Wisconsin between all of our movements. 

This Summit will act as a major milestone in this effort as we call on leaders of coalitions, networks and organizations from throughout Wisconsin and extending into Northern IL, MN and MI together for a strategy session focused on rethinking our current movements and working towards the coming goal of creating a lasting Alliance-Structure to build a more impactful and lasting effort in our state through Education, Political Action (direct, but non-partisan in nature), Building Coalition and Community Ties and Direct Action, as well as promoting more diversity, inter-generational leadership and bridging the gap between the Social and Environmental Movements. We are not looking to simply create another organization or coalition that will act as an issue-response team ; our goal is to sow the seeds of a Revolution.

This Summit is meant for Organizers willing to work together to create a lasting statewide structure and end the embarassment of the "silo effect" and lack of cooperation that so many of our efforts have become subject to.

Solidarity Among Us will act as an introduction to a larger and more in-depth full-weekend Summit that will take place in early 2019. The Summit itself will be broken up into a networking session, several panels led by reknown WI environmental, social and indignious rights activists, a keynote speaker, and strategy session. Our goal is not an informational session or a mode for talking about issues, but to directly begin the hardwork of coming together in Solidarity and take action.

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In Solidarity,

Building Unity
Gaia Coalition Network
Indigenous Warrior Society of Wisconsin
Wisconsin Grassroots Network