#CLOSEmsdf Monthly Meeting

Event Dates: 
Repeats every month on the third Tuesday until Mon Dec 31 2018 .
Join us on Tuesday, December 18th at 6 pm to get involved with the efforts to decarcerate Milwaukee, #CLOSEmsdf, and #buildCOMMUNITIES. The #CLOSEmsdf Campaign is now 52 organizations strong. Visit https://closemsdf.org/ for information.

Sign the #CLOSEmsdf petition at https://actionnetwork.org/petitions/its-time-to-close-milwaukee-secure-detention-facility-msdf.

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The Milwaukee Secure Detention Facility (MSDF) is an irredeemable torture chamber. It represents how mass supervision fuels mass incarceration. It was built to warehouse people alleged to have violated rules of probation or parole – infractions like missing an appointment or being late for curfew. MSDF is taking lives and destroying communities. 

It is time to #CLOSEmsdf.

The #CLOSEmsdf campaign was launched in June 2017 by people who have been directly harmed by MSDF. The campaign is led by a coalition of organizations, including: EXPO (Ex-incarcerated People Organizing), WISDOM, IWOC (Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee), & JustLeadershipUSA. We have three core demands.

DEMAND 1: Stop incarcerating people for violations of supervision.

Wisconsin’s parole supervision rate is nearly 50% higher than the national average. The state reincarcerates people on parole at a rate that is also nearly 50% above the national average. This rampant, systemic abuse is the result of Wisconsin’s crimeless revocation process, which relies on incarceration as the primary response to alleged rule violations. The process gives parole officers nearly full autonomy and unchecked power and it takes people’s freedom – sometimes for months – even if there is no new conviction. This makes it nearly impossible for people to fight for fair and just outcomes, and it results in racialized harm: 65% of the people caged at MSDF are Black. As an alternative, people facing potential revocation must be allowed to remain in their community until their hearing, and no one should be incarcerated for any minor rule violation.

Wisconsin must overhaul supervision laws and
abolish the use of incarceration for crimeless rule violations.

DEMAND 2: Depopulate and close the Milwaukee Secure Detention Facility.

MSDF is an abhorrent, irredeemable facility that is basically a state-sanctioned torture chamber. Walls are crumbling, heat is overbearing, ventilation is nearly nonexistent, and there is no outdoor space. Most people caged at MSDF are in lockdown over 20 hours a day, and in-person visits are forbidden. MSDF has already claimed the lives of 17 people, and has left thousands of others with unseen wounds and trauma. It is an unsafe environment for anyone, including people who work there. The cost to Wisconsin taxpayers to keep this facility up-and-running is 40 million dollars, every single year.

Wisconsin must immediately depopulate, shut down, and demolish MSDF.

DEMAND 3: Reinvest the money wasted on MSDF back into communities.

This campaign aims to do more than just #CLOSEmsdf. We aim to reimagine how we invest in and serve the people who have been impacted by the justice system and their families and communities. We seek to repair the harm created by Wisconsin’s penal system. This city and state must reinvest the excessive corrections spending into workforce development training for formerly incarcerated people and into expanded mental health services that are easily accessible and that are located in the community.

#CLOSEmsdf and use the money wasted there to #buildCOMMUNITIES.