ACT NOW to STOP the bad Nuclear Waste Policy Amendments Act!

Dear Friend, 

Mayday! Mayday! We must ACT NOW to STOP the bad Nuclear Waste Policy Amendments Act (HR-3053)—coming to a vote in Congress in the next several days. This legislation puts thousands of our communities at risk with decades of deadly radioactive waste shipments. 

Send a letter, sign the petition – and, most importantly, also make a CALL to your US Representative in Congress—TODAY.

We need to:

STOP HR 3053—which would trigger thousands of high level nuclear waste shipments across the country and would legalize new nuclear dumps in Texas and New Mexico for the consolidation of highly radioactive irradiated fuel rods in areas unsuited for permanent isolation. Economics, culture and lack of opportunity spell environmental injustice from this worst of all hazardous wastes.

STOP HR 3053—the Nuclear Waste Policy Amendments Act (Rep. John Shimkus R-IL is the original author)  -- would overturn existing law and gut the few protections that prevent unnecessary transport of highly radioactive nuclear waste. Current law prevents both redundant shipments of the most highly radioactive wastes and abandonment at supposedly temporary sites. 

Abandoning these guidelines and putting thousands of nuclear waste shipments on our roads, rails, and waterways will not solve any of our problems with nuclear waste – it will make them much, much worse, in the near term and for generations to come. 

HR 3053 would also force federal agencies to reinvest (throwing good money after bad) in the failed Yucca Mountain site in Nevada. The volcanic, earthquake-prone site, which was cancelled, never completed, and had no waste, was declared “unworkable” and the license application withdrawn by the US Department of Energy nearly a decade ago. The US Nuclear Regulatory Commission ceased review of the application for the failed Yucca project. Now HR 3053 would force Nevadans, Shoshones and every one in between reactor sites and Yucca Mountain to bear the hazard of shipments to a site that is guaranteed to leak, and waste billions of dollars on this failure, instead of finding a real solution.

There are some mysteries about why this flawed legislation would be moving forward, which you will find in the draft letter to your member of Congress. As always, you are welcome to edit / revise your letter.

Don’t Waste America: No False Solutions to Nuclear Waste! 

Send your letter now.

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