Public Hearing: regarding the ambient air quality monitoring network

Event Dates: 
The DNR will hold the public informational meeting to review the ambient air quality monitoring network on:
Wednesday, May 16, 2018 at 1:30 p.m. Room G27A, DNR building 101 South Webster Street Madison, WI 53703
Speaking and/or writing are important actions you can take at this DNR hearing. If you can't attend the meeting in Madison, please submit your comments from your area in the State of Wisconsin regarding the ambient air quality monitoring network. Commentaries on the air monitoring network are critical to safe and healthy surroundings for all. Please participate. 
On May 2, 2018 the air management program made available for public review and comment the federally required “Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources 2019 Air Monitoring Network Plan.” Wisconsin is required to submit an annual network plan to EPA that details that the siting and operation of each monitor meets the requirements of 40 CFR Part 58. The plan also proposes DNR recommended changes to the ambient monitoring network based on monitor history, population distribution and modifications to federal monitoring requirements. Responses to the plan are gathered through public comments, a public meeting and EPA approval. This plan certifies that the state has met all federal ambient air monitoring requirements.
At the public meeting on May 16, 2018, the DNR will review the changes that occurred in 2018 and will present an outline of proposed changes for 2019. An explanation will be provided for each deviation from the previous year’s plan as well as the proposed changes. Public comments on the changes will also be received at the informational meeting.
Written comments on the monitoring network may be submitted directly to: 
Mr. Grant Hetherington, c/o Air Monitoring Section, Air Management Program, P.O. Box 7921, Madison, WI 53707-7921,
no later than Wednesday, June 1, 2018. Written comments will have the same weight and effect as oral comments presented at the meeting.
A copy of the proposed revision to the Monitoring Plan and related appendices is available for public inspection at the 
Bureau of Air Management, 7th Floor, 101 S. Webster Street, Madison, Wisconsin, 
on the following web address:
or by mail (at no charge) from Mr. Grant Hetherington at the address noted above.
For more information:
Patricia Popple
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