Be Part of Our New Office!

As you may or may not know, the building our office was in is turning into a hotel. We received notice in March and looked at several properties, using operational needs, accessibility, and location as our guide. We are excited to announce that we have moved into our beautiful open space with an enclosed conference room across the street from the Capitol on the 7th floor of 30 West Mifflin Street in Madison with Operation Welcome Home, Family Farm Defenders, and Vets for Peace.

Please stop by to visit! We will be having community events coming up and will keep you posted. We want this space to be used by the community as much as possible. We see this as a shared working space for non-profits, artists, and progressive small business people.

If you are interested in sharing space with us, please click here for a description of cost and benefits of joining in the space.  Please share with others who might be interested. 

In order to furnish the office we need to raise some money. Please donate here to help us purchase furniture from the previous tenants at a fraction of it’s actual cost.

All of these groups operate on very small budgets and there are still a few things that we’ll need. For example, some of the computers that we have are pretty ancient. Other things we are looking for include a love seat, large soft chairs, couch covers, plants, and a desktop and laptop computer.

Please donate to support the work of these organizations and other organizations that will be joining in the future. If you are interested in donating to purchase a specific item, or donating an item please let us know at:

Z! Haukeness, for WNPJ and the Racial Justice Tipping Point