We The People gathering - Spooner

Event Dates: 

We The People gathering in Spooner.  Come join us this Saturday evening, Feb. 25, 6-9 pm at the Spooner Agricultural Station to learn more about the Community Rights movement spreading across the nation. Refreshments available, donations happily accepted. 

The primary aim of the movement is to educate, empower, and organize communities around their inherent and inalienable constitutional right to local, community self-government. We believe we have the right to enact and enforce laws locally to protect our health, safety, and welfare as citizens of the United States. That's what governments are instituted for, not to protect the rights of the wealthy few hidden behind the corporate form. Our hope with our event is to help each other become more clear about that. Please feel free to call Curt Hubatch with


Also, mention that Paul Cienfuegos will be the speaker and put a link to his website: http://paulcienfuegos.com/

inquiries at: 715-766-2032.