Sun Prairie Neighborhood Coordinator

Sun Prairie Neighborhood Coordinator - part time position opening

The TimeBank currently has an opening for a part time Neighborhood Coordinator in Sun Prairie and the surrounding area. Here are the details for this position (file attached as well).

The Dane County TimeBank seeks to contract with an individual in Sun Prairie for the position of Neighborhood Coordinator. The Neighborhood Coordinator will be the point person in a team approach for a project in Sun Prairie. The project involves the creation of Neighbor-to-Neighbor (N2N) Care Teams, a model adapted from a hospital-based timebank and applied to our own needs in creating informal support networks to care for the basic needs of all members of our community.

The Neighborhood Coordinator will be responsible for working with community members with
developmental disabilities and their families – and the community at large - in order to identify
outstanding needs and work to meet them through increased connection. The ideal candidate will be familiar with individuals and organizations in and around Sun Prairie and will be in a position to cultivate mutually beneficial relationships among them.

The Coordinator oversees the following tasks and is responsible for either completing the tasks him or herself or recruiting and supervising reliable TimeBank volunteers to conduct some of the appropriate tasks below. The TimeBank Neighborhood Coordinator will be responsible for developing a neighborhood care team. The Neighborhood Coordinator will first assess basic unmet needs of identified TimeBank members with disabilities and their families in Sun Prairie, as well as gather the strengths and assets of all community members. This will be conducted via a series of community gatherings, door-to-door outreach and standard TimeBank recruitment. We anticipate the basic needs will typically include such things as transportation and help around the home (ie, light cleaning and organizing, minor repairs, help with paperwork), and community activities. The Neighborhood Coordinator will then identify TimeBank members in the neighborhood who can address some of these needs. If additional resources are needed the Neighborhood Coordinator will also conduct outreach in the neighborhood in order to build those resources. From this a neighborhood care team will be created of people who can help their fellow community members with these basic needs, with the Neighborhood Coordinator being the point person for TimeBank members to contact in the neighborhood.

The Coordinator oversees the following tasks and is responsible for either completing the tasks him/herself or recruiting and supervising TimeBank members to conduct them: Interview new members; identify and help contact potential matches; check in with TimeBank members to inquire about needs and offers; assist offline members with online partners and when necessary, accompany TimeBank members to their first meeting, facilitate exchanges; mediate disputes between members; attending and reporting at any neighborhood outreach or team meetings; and organizing monthly gatherings in Sun Prairie.The Neighborhood Coordinator will need to gain knowledge of TimeBank software in order to facilitate and track activity.

The Neighborhood Coordinator will work with identified partner families and the community at large in Sun Prairie, helping to integrate them into the TimeBank and engage in meaningful exchanges.

This position is part of a pilot project and runs for one year from date of hire and will be considered an independent contract. The position may be renewed upon mutual agreement if continued resources are secured.

Compensation is $15/hour for 8 hours per week.

Please submit resume and cover letter to: Lorrie Hurckes at no later than January 15th.


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