2008/12/19: "Salad-Shooter" company makes ammunition, too

Eau-Claire-based National Presto Industries, best known for kitchen products like its "Salad Shooter", derives more than half of its profits from a contract to produce 40mm cannon rounds for the AC-130 gunship (left). In August 2008, an AC-130 was used to attack the Afghan village of Azizabad, and by the time it was done, nearly 90 villagers, most of them women and children, were dead. The youngest victim was only a few months old. The Army later admitted that the attack had been a mistake. 


More than half of Presto’s profits come from ammunition sales. In 2007, National Presto’s CEO Maryjo Cohen told stockholders: “Heightened activity stemming from performance of the five-year forty millimeter systems contract awarded in April 2005 was the source of much of the increase [in profits].”

Help spread the word: WNPJ has developed new three-to-a-sheet flyers (.pdf) about Presto’s connection to the arms trade, U.S. air raids in Afghanistan, and the need to convert our economy from one based on killing to one based on making useful products here in the U.S. Over the holidays, I plan to do some “anti-shopping” for Presto products at my local big-box stores. The way this works is: 1) pick up box to admire Presto “Fry Daddy” or “Salad Shooter”, 2) replace box on shelf, with flyer discreetly tucked underneath, 3) repeat. Below: WNPJ Program Coordinator Steve Burns with flyers at a local store.