Safeguard the Guard - Wisconsin

Safeguard the Guard is a Wisconsin campaign to enact legal safeguards to protect the members of the Wisconsin National Guard from unlawful deployments. Our efforts are part of the national "Bring the Guard Home" campaign, now active in more than 20 states. Our goal is to honor the members of the Wisconsin Guard and their commitment to our state with a commitment of our own: that they will never again be used in an illegal war.

Why are Guard deployments to  Iraq illegal? Our Frequently-Asked Questions page.

Text of Assembly Bill 203, requiring the Governor to review all Federal orders for deployment of the Wisconsin Guard, and to deny any orders determined to be unlawful.

Outreach resources: Circulate the petition in your community or Sign an online petition.

Want to get involved? Statewide Conference calls, Lobby Days

Information on the National campaign - now active in more than 20 states!

"Bring the Guard Home" in the news...

Where are Wisconsin National Guard members deployed?

Which organizations have endorsed AB 203?

Mark Foreman of Milwaukee Vets for Peace speaks at a press conference in support of AB203. From left to right, veterans Dennis Coyier, John Carey and Tom Contrestan Photo: Paul McMahon

When contacting state legislators remind them that the Democratic Party of Wisconsin, Libertarian Party of Wisconsin and the Wisconsin Green Party have voiced support for AB 203.

Not sure who your legislators are? Need a phone number or email for your legislator? Check out the Wisconsin Legislature's "Who are my legislators?" page