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The Optional Protocol on the Involvement of Children in Armed Conflict is meant to safeguard the rights of children under 18 from military recruitment and deployment to war, and to guarantee basic protections to former child soldiers, whether they are seeking refugee protection in the United States or are in U.S. custody for alleged crimes.

The U.S. Senate ratified the Optional Protocol in December 2002. By signing and ratifying the Optional Protocol to the Convention on the Rights of the Child, the U.S. bound itself to comply with the obligations therein. The Optional Protocol provides that the absolute minimum age for voluntary recruitment is 16 years old. It also instructs countries to set their own minimum age by submitting a binding declaration, and the United States entered a binding declaration raising this minimum age to 17. Therefore, recruitment of youth ages 16 and under is categorically disallowed in the United States, yet public schools serve as prime recruiting grounds for the military, and the U.S. military's generally accepted procedures for recruitment of high school students plainly violate the Optional Protocol.

Read the ACLU report >> (pdf)


The Politics of Another Side: Truth-in-Military-Recruiting Advocacy in an Urban School District (pdf)

Gary L. Anderson, New York University

This article provides documentation of the current military presence in U.S. secondary schools and groups that have mobilized to monitor or oppose this presence. This documentation provides the background for a narrative of a multiple-year effort the author engaged in to promote academic freedom for teachers and students and to provide high school students greater balance in the information they receive with regard to opting for military service. This narrative provides insights on the ways advocacy efforts build on previous efforts, the kinds of obstacles advocates encounter when working with school professionals, and strategies for effective activism and policy advocacy with regard to military presence in schools.

Counseling Youth About Military Service Options and Selective Service Registration: An Integral Part of Anticipatory Guidance of Adolescents (pdf)

by: Carl E. Stafstrom

PEDIATRICS Volume 119, Number 6, June 2007

This article stresses the importance of the physician's role in discussing military service and alternatives, the laws regarding registration with the Selective Service System, and the medical and psychological effects of war. Good information for anyone in a mentor position.


Military Recruitment: Information for School Guidance Counselors

Prepared by Titus Peachey
Director of Peace Education
Mennonite Central Committee U.S.
Phone: (717) 859-1151
Links updated 9/24/09

Truth and Alternatives to Militarism in Education


Military Links

2009 Pocket Recruiter Guide (pdf): The purpose of the Pocket Recruiter Guide is to outline Army programs and incentives in a shirt-pocket format. It serves primarily as a ready reference for recruiters and other members of U.S. Army Recruiting Command.  Found here....


Educator/Centers of Influence Tour Program (pdf)


USAREC Manual 3-01 (pdf)

The Recruiter Handbook

Updated: [23 Dec 2008]

Preface: This manual is dedicated to the Army recruiter. Recruiters are responsible for recruiting and maintaining the most effective land-combat force in the world. This mission is so important that only the best and brightest officers, noncommissioned officers, and civilians are afforded the privilege of wearing the recruiter badge.
PURPOSE: This handbook is the recruiter’s guide for planning and executing recruiting operations. This handbook uses practical examples to explain each operation and thoroughly describes the recruiting environment. It also provides an indepth discussion of the Army interview and provides the recruiter with communication and counseling techniques that work.
SCOPE: This handbook has two parts. Part one outlines the planning of recruiting operations and part two describes the execution of the tactical plan.
APPLICABILITY: This manual applies to all recruiters, both Soldiers and civilians.

Air Force Recruiting Online

Navy Recruiting Journal


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