WNPJ Immigrants Rights Workgroup Mission and Objectives



1. Specific policies and campaigns

- Support just and humane immigration reform at a national level that provides a path to citizenship for undocumented workers living in our country, creates family re-unification, and protects worker rights
- Support the repeal of the federal REAL ID law
- Support access to drivers licenses for all people in Wisconsin regardless of immigration status
- Support the separation of local law enforcement from playing the role of immigration in our local communities across the state

  2.  Changing hearts and minds

-  Work to educate and engage our families, neighbors, and friends, and member organizations around the issue of immigration


- Support local immigrants in our communities 
- Seek to understand and make connections to the U.S. economic and military policies that lie at the root causes of displacement and forced migration in Latin America and around the world

  3.  Specific Objectives for 2010

- Disseminate remaining "Immigrants Welcome" Yard signs  (see main page)   -   http://wnpj.org/marketplace
- Create one page "Myths and Facts" Handout for WNPJ members to use around the state
- Participate in regional and statewide coalitions for immigration reform and driver's licenses